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Graphic Design

We visually develop brands with personalized strategies based on the specific objectives of our clients. We design from logos to brand applications in different areas (Moodboards, institutional stationery, Packaging, editorial, corporate and advertising designs).

The advantage of working with us is that you will always have multiple services when you need them, including our advice; We help you maintain coherence in the general design line of your brand or business. "Heart and mind" is our motto.

This will help you:

Differentiate yourself from the competition.

Communicate efficiently.

Demonstrate professionalism and confidence.

We will define the personality of your brand or product, that is, what identifies it and makes it different from the others. Just as each person has a unique personality, each brand has a character that distinguishes it.

As each client is different, we offer a totally personalized service respecting three fundamental steps. (Contact, research and development).

The delivery times and work plan depend on the requirements of each client and the project we are developing. The entire process as well as the formats to be delivered are by prior agreement.

“INDIGOS|Media. Desarrolla tus ideas y las convierte en negocio”.

Rodolfo Rojas

Rodolfo RojasCEO & Founder - INDIGOS|Media.